Our Company

Wasco Process Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Jutasama Sdn. Bhd.) is engaged in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of special tanks, pressure vessels, piping and specialised processing equipment required by the chemical industry, food processing plants and other engineering undertakings. The company is capable of fabricating products in accordance to major international codes or specifications in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy and clad materials.

Our quality workmanship is well complemented by dedicated employees deep in pursuit of performance excellence, the adoption of the latest computer systems and use of advanced processing equipment to achieve uncomprosing precision and top quality.

The commitment to quality has earned the company many orders from national and multi-national companies. Wasco Process Engineering Sdn. Bhd. also supply to international engineering companies who in turn export to regional countries like Middle East, Japan, China, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia & etc.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a leading Process Equipment & Energy Solution Provider of choice

Our Mission

We are a committed and competent team strive to provide the best value creation, by embracing the innovative and progressive solutions to the markets that we serve.     

RE Division


Wah Seong Corporation's RE Division comprising of Jutasama Sdn. Bhd. and its subsidiaries, PMT Industries Sdn. Bhd. and Mackenzie Industries Sdn. Bhd.   The divison is a leading process and power generation equipment provider with a strong track record servicing various industries across the world.


  • Mackenzie Industries Sdn. Bhd.

    Mackenzie Industries Sdn. Bhd. (M) is engaged in the design, engineering and construction of boiler and energy system. The company is operated by a team of boiler engineers with more than 30 years experience in the field...

  • PMT Industries Sdn. Bhd.

    PMT Industries Sdn Bhd is the sole agent of SHINKO steam turbine from Japan. SHINKO steam turbine is the market leader in the ASEAN region especially for the Agro-Engineering Industry with a range of up to 15MW capacity...